Intended as an iconic element within the office, Badminton is a kind of throne that impresses you with its size and shape. A piece that responds to the changing needs of work spaces, more friendly, illuminated, ventilated and one that promotes communication and work together.


The new collective chair Wing, with a vintage style design, is useful for any environment, both indoor and outdoors, responding to the technical and aesthetics needs of the new trends for collective office furniture, thanks to its design, colour, finishes and accessories.


STAY is a high quality and competitive operative chair, an innovative product for its high moldable capacity. A chair selected at the Delta Awards , 2013 for its freshness, comfortability and high sustainability.


Combined with cutting-edge ergonomic technologies supporting human movements to the maximum level of comfort, our smart and creative designs imbue a stronger value to your life. Determined to manufacture only the highest quality products, our uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship manifests itself in the final touches on details.


The Efit chair has been conceived, designed and manufactured to cater to a free-spirited, spontaneous and connected generation of people that do things their own way and that fit easily into all types of workspaces, whether these are a traditional office, a ‘coworking’ area or a ‘home office’.

TNK Flex

TNK Flex provides two fundamental developments aimed at revolutionizing office furniture.  An ergonomic design that is based on both the support and interaction of the user.  Destined for more demanding users and environments, it is a product which brilliantly combines the five fundamental pillars in office furniture: performance, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness.